Our Worship Services

At Southfork Country Church, we believe that true “worship” is not at all about US; instead the sole purpose is to honor, respect, and praise Almighty GOD. Everything we do each week is totally focused on God, the Holy Bible, and not us. We believe that the songs, the prayers, and most certainly the message from the pastor must be 100% authentic, and totally true to the Word of God.
Music is so important here at Southfork, as we believe the inspired, honored hymns bear the true message of salvation, and after all, that is what we’re here to do… spread the good news of the gospel and salvation through belief in Jesus Christ. We present them in a new “country and southern gospel” way. And, we do our best align them with the Pastor’s message for the day. To us, it is not about “performing”; instead it is all about worshiping as a family, raising our voices to God in praise. Everyone is encouraged to sing along and lift their voices to God.
In summary, the whole worship service is intended to join our hearts together as a Christian family as we praise our Lord, and to bring the message of salvation to those who need it. It is just that simple!
Associate Pastor Jim England leads our band and worship team each week, and we are so blessed to have so many gifted and talented people participating in the team, as well as the congregation that loves to sing praises to the Lord! We promise you that you will be uplifted as you join us. 
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